aspect of Destruction
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such animalistic words. such IMPERFECTION. yes,
       in whatever life this grimmjow is referring to, urukiora
       is sure he absolutely loathed this blue-locked fiend.

the continual elevation of the gravely voice clashed
against the calm baritone emitting from dual-shaded
lips. rarely did urukiora bother to interrupt nonsense,
BUT he would not stand for such speech aimed his

           HOWEVER, what is this about DEATH? perhaps
           there is some knowledge to be collected even
           from this dense creature. 

maybe, he will learn where it is he has come

 "My death?

                      Elaborate immediately.


The curiosity lined the former Cuatro’s words perked a spark within him.
So, his brain truly did fail to resurrect alongside his body.
What a complete bore.

A grin peered at the corner of his un-masked jaw
—extracting a twisted sense of gratification from the other’s unfortunate predicament.
He ranked at a peak,
almost enough to consider as a hefty rival.
[ How the mighty four has fallen

"It’s a darn shame that y’remember nothin’ ‘bout it, ain’t it?
Enlighten yerself with yer bullshit existance,
I ain’t lendin’ any favors on a fuckin’ whim.”

Whatever he desire to seek,
Grimmjow would play no part in.

fill out with mun information ;



name:  Aisu
date of birth:  April 5
zodiac sign:  Aries
gender:  Female
eye color:  Black
hair color:  Light brown
height:  160cm
scars:  One at the side of my left eye

burns: Nope
over weight:  Nope
under weight:  Yes


color:  Blue
hair color:  Blonde
eye color:  Light blue? Green?
song:  Masamune Changing by BOA
t.v show:  -
food:  Ramen, steamboat, hotpot, barbecue, seafood
drink:  Mineral water, hot tea
video game:  Games from the Tales of series.
ice cream flavor:  Vanilla 


had sex: No.
had sex in public: No.
gotten pregnant: …Yea, I have about 8 kids. One of em is Grimmjow.
kissed a boy: Yes
kissed a girl:  Yes
gotten piercings:  Yes
smoked or drank:  Neither
had a broken heart: Yes
been in love: Yes
needed surgery: Yes


a virgin: In what ways B)
a cuddler: Yup
a kisser:  It… depends
scared easily:  Depending on the context, yes and no.
jealous easily: Can be
trustworthy: Maybe.
dominant: …Half yes
submissive: Half yes
in love: //flakes through her fanart album//
single: Nope
in a relationship: Married to my bed actually
considered mean:  Very


have you harmed yourself: Only with feels
thought of suicide: Maybe
attempted suicide: Nope
killed someone: Oh lotsssss of feels.
wanted to kill someone: Nah.
who did you kiss last: A guy
last text:  STEAMBOAT ANYONE?!
drove a car: Nope
have/had a job:  Yep. As a waitress.
favorite soda/pop:  Coke?
do drugs:  ALWAYS.


       ”I wasn’t fit enough then, but I am now.” 

Huffing the almost-threat, he pushed Grimmjow’s arm away by the wrist. 

      Why was it so hard for everyone to recall that their fight happened years ago? Ichigo wasn’t exactly the same shell-shocked fifteen year old. Back when everything was new and coming at him faster then a normal person could process, and all he’d cared about was keeping his friends from being dragged into the middle of a war while scrambling to keep up with the enemy.

 He thought he’d done pretty well, minus the occasional slip-up.


           “Very pissed. Now shut up, I just got comfortable, and your being loud is ruining it.” Ichigo tugged up the blanket, twisting partway to his side and using Grimmjow as an impromptu pillow. “If you wanna try to kick my ass it’ll have to wait til afternoon, because I have school tomorrow.”

Closing his eyes, he was quiet for several minutes before blinking them back open.

He took a long breath before letting it out. “What do you dream about?”

"Yer still a fuckin’ weak ass ducklin’.”

Given that he managed two worlds on his own, he ought to be deserving of some credit. But no deal, considering that Grimmjow had been on the defense and offense ever since the bane of his existence. Had he not been desperate to strengthen his steel, he would have been crunched by that arrancar who attempted to put him as his appetizer. Regardless, the gap of time in question was deemed immeasurable considering the sheer distinction of their own lifespan.

"What a fuckin’ pity.
A workout would have put me on a good night sleep.”
He says without a whit of perturb.

Pausing to consider the human’s question, Grimmjow had to stumble over the few shut-eyes he taken. Sleep was not a typical occurance to him, rendering him nocturnal for more than three-quarter of his nights. But if he did dream…

"Mostly killin’, blood, massacre, killin’ and sand. The usual shit.
An’ of course, beatin’ the fuck out of ya
but that’s not jus’ a dream ever since I did fuckin’ trashed ya.”

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Ichigo pushed the door open, squinting at the change in light and examining the inside of the gymnasium before spotting the instructor. After making his way across the court, he handed over the slip of paper and waited while the coach read it, eyes coasting over the other students.

His gaze paused briefly on a blue haired guy his age, frowning when he realized he was looking at him. It wasn’t strange by itself, a lot of the other students were gazing at him somewhat curiously, but this was different. He could nearly feel the disapproval leaking from this guy.

He shrugged it off when the teacher passed back his slip. 

Once he was released with instructions to change, he started toward the the blue haired guy, dropping his bag down with the others then heading for the locker room. 

He wasn’t starting a anything over a dirty look. Not after all the trouble at his last school. If he got kicked out of another place, his dad would skin him. And that was the smallest of ways his old man would make his life miserable.

The instant hate was rare itself that it could convey his loathing for the carrot top in plain sight. During his time in school, Grimmjow hardly paid any heed to those who were in the same grade and lower or weak ass seniors. He could perceive the difference. Despite that buckload of orange on his head, he could discern that he had a good shoulder to attach itself into.

No matter.
This student was still in the same grade as he.

Diverting his attention away from the fresh guy, Grimmjow refocused it upon his surroundings instead. It was gym class. But no one possessed the nerve to ‘play' with him. Some tried and a few made it through without hyperventilating. Grimmjow was not interested in picking on the weak, by all means, but often his strength came in sheer numbers and turbulent

But when the new vegetable finished changing and returned to the court,
the teacher made his verdict.

"Kurosaki Ichigo. Could you pair up with Grimmjow?
The one sitting at the bench.”

And the notorious delinquent’s response was too instant.
What the fuck?!




 he uttered the name as if he were speaking
 a foreign, unknown language; slow & gradual,
 uncomprehending of its meaning. furthermore,
 this man with an unusual hole in his abdomen
 incessantly barked & viciously spat the name out
 over & over. most likely to arouse memories that
 were no longer present in urukiora’s mind. it was
 beginning to irritate him. he did not like this one.

            &, if he’d known this barbaric individual at all, he 
             must never have liked him then.

            ”Cease your ruckus. I do not wish to lose my
              ability of hearing, as well.”



The mere pitch of that voice could consign him into a tirade of pique.
How much he irked, abhorred the presence of such silent vanity.
His patience was put on trial,
but it was already predetermined to fracture
for the intensity of his contempt for him was abundance

His name seemed to flow all too smoothly along his tongue,
{ so much so that }
—Grimmjow craved to stave it in.

"Bet ya can hear pretty fine if yer speakin’ in that attitude.
Didn’t think that even yer death could cure yer insufferable presence.
You piece of shit.”

Fitting was the name for the resurrected ‘corpse' before him.
Grimmjow may have lacked a whit of clue as to what occurred.
But so long he remained standing and speaking,
it was a cue for Grimmjow to cut him down.



|| ✧ ||


She was far too passive an individual to care whether her stare enraged the tall man or not and hardly gave a second thought to turning her head away from him to sate his irritated nerves. The war was over and with their common enemy having been vanquished the two species found themselves at a tranquil impasse; she did not fear the thrust of his blade through her back as the encouragement of further violence against the Arrancar race was just plain stupid.

How much he loathed the existence of shinigami.
They were weak, all too dependent on an outside source.
He finds no fortitude in winning a war that was not guided by theirs.
And the best closure of all
they hardly pay any heed to what might be beneficial for them.

"So, do y’actually have any business with me?
Spit it out if y’have. I don’t have all the fuckin’ time.”

He was a being that was not revered by forbearance.
Should the response be slow and sedate,
count him to be already fuckin’ gone.

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"I-It is! At least for me- I tend to spill or break the glass somehow. I hate n-not b-being able to do s-simple tasks without s-screwing up" She sighed quite upset and slightly embarrassed by her excitement for doing something correctly.It’s the small victories that she should celebrate however.

Shrugging again she sat back down in front of the man. “O-Oh, I-I’m Ururu and i-if you need anything d-don’t be afraid to ask!” quickly bowing her head Ururu managed to thwack herself on the table, forehead turning red and lump forming atop. “Ah-ow ow ow- I-I’m sorry!” No wait why was she apologizing

"E-eh, d-do you want anything else? Besides Mr. Urahara to come b-back. B-Because I can’t do that unfortunately" 

Surveying her clumsy actions with an all too critical eye, Grimmjow had to ponder over the question of her recruitment. Honestly, who hired her? If such an uncoordinated individual were to present themselves in his base, he wouldn’t even have put them on cleaning duties. Strong or not, these had to spell trouble for one’s daily regimen. 

"Like hell I would need anythin’ else from this fuckin’ place.”

He found the human world to be overbearing. Every existence of such weak beings were grating his nerves — how were they even allowed to live? They scream in shrill at the tiniest possible incident, they would gaze with wide-eyed wonder that Grimmjow would feel sorely tempted to rip it off their faces. W e a k

"On the other hand, there might be somethin’.
Humor me ‘bout this fuckin’ trash place called human world.”



▓ -✠- ▓

What a f u n toy she’d stumbled upon, so readily convinced he had grasped the strings by which she was lead to behave. How juevenile , or was it more apropriate to label these false beliefs as nothing more than the delusions of ones own ego?

"Why don’t ya

quit under reactin’


How this girl must have suffered a rupture in her brain.
Surely their last encounter must have revised the saying,
[ not to prowl about the lethal fangs ].
Yet nonsense seemed to have compensated for her lack of intelligence
— only by a bare margin.

"Why don’t ya
take a fuckin’ hike instead?

Yer face ‘s as disgustin’ as it is,
without it showin’ up in mine,
every fuckin’ week.

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